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WHY is the little mermaid getting a refurb AGAIN since it's opened it's had like 2 of em, I thought this ride was new?


Well you have the right to be a little miffed about it, the fact that it’s getting another cosmetic change speaks to the quality of the ride. When it first opened the ride was received with an overall meh from the Anaheim crowd. Unlike Disney World where over half the guests or either first timers or once in a lifers Disneyland’s population rely’s heavily on annual passholders. Who as a whole are thankfully much more critical and better at judging an attractions quality. So to them they just didn’t think mermaid was worth the repeat ride through and Disney doesn’t like that. They built this ride as an omnimover with the intention of gobbling up crowds. If the crowds don’t want to go on the ride they see it as a waste so they wanna put it in a position to where it holds the locals interest. 

The first refurb addressed a couple of things, Ariel’s poop hair 

and some of the projection effects which were done with cgi animation rather than the 2d  animation found in the film. This was done after numerous complaints from guests. The refurb that is happening now is going to address the issues with the under the sea room and the finale of the ride. The under the sea room which is quite bright is going to be turned into a total dark room type scene with very low lighting to hide all the backstage area’s. And the finale scene of the ride with eric and ariel kissing is going to be cut in favor of a full Ursula Death scene with the finale shortened to accommodate this change. 


Misha and Jensen looking at Jensen’s old resume

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oscar worthy

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wow i would love a print of this


wow i would love a print of this

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